Lifting Solutions

Rope Access Contractors also offers specialist bespoke designed & manufactured lifting solutions, lifting rigs for use as a temporary solution for installation to a permanent maintenance system. RAC have provided the answers to many challenges from our clients, from design and calculations to manufacturing, testing, install and use of the equipment.

Ontario Tower until recently was the tallest building in London solely designed for executive residential use. Our client required a window cleaning maintenance system to be used on the awkward 29 storey 100m high, elliptical shaped skyscraper which has a steep pitched roof. The solution not only needed to offer an abseiling point for the maintenance team beyond the building line it also needed to be moved around the building perimeter to allow access in all locations. The solution involved a frame which was designed to run on an existing perimeter rail using wheels and brakes to set its position which allowed it to be used to cover the whole building, the frame also had to be designed and constructed in sections so it could be transported by hand and fit into the buildings passenger lift to get it up to roof level for installation.

Rope Access Contractors have also produced a number of bespoke lifting rigs to enable its roped access teams to install large signage is excess of 7 tonnes to heights of over 245m on London’s skyscrapers. In some cases the rigs have been designed to attach to the building’s existing roof BMU rail system. In all cases the only solution was a roof mounted rig as it would not be possible to use a crane at ground level to lift the vast heavy letters and logos such as City Group and Barclays onto London’s iconic skyline.

Lifting rigs come in all shapes and sizes by design, to suit the application and environment the equipment is required. Not all lifting equipment is elaborate, we have used simple rigs which include a beam to travel and lifting point for installing large glass units in locations not accessible by crane, for example, full height glazing required under large concrete soffits.